not so new

Bent wood – using a technique called kerfing straight pieces of timber are made into curved forms. Inspired by all the bent timber in the local hardware store. The titles reference the continuous length of timber used in each work.

Pointless – this work used thousands of toothpicks to construct a completely pointless object. The work features a surrounding toothpick track which allows it to be pushed along.

Trophy – another work made almost entirely from toothpicks. The work features a raised image of Queen Elizabeth II as she appears on Australian coins.

Clerical Therapy – a series of works made whilst employed full time in an office job. I raided the stationery cupboard in an effort to maintain my sanity.

Street Directories  – a body of work featuring everyday household objects made entirely from street directory pages. Inspired by Perth city’s ever expanding suburban sprawl.

Landscape paintings – over the years I have experimented with making objects out of other peoples landscape paintings. This work is based on an American gothic birdhouse design.

Midlife crisis – at the time these works were made I was approaching the half the life expectancy of an Australian males – 13678 days. The numbers 1 to 13678 are stamped onto canvas to form each image.

Podcast – created in the era of the first ipod this work was inspired by  peak hour commuters efforts to isolate themselves from everyone else on the train.

Blue Peter – made from left over vinyl tiles from home renovations. An attempt to draw link between feral animals and leftover building materials.

White #1 – one of a series of experiments at embossing canvas. Also a critique at the number of art prizes that are limited to 2 dimensional work or even worse painting only prizes!

The Ambience – commisioned work for the City of Perth 3×3 event. This work used sleeping bags to outline the floor plan of “The Ambience” project home. The sleeping bag highlighted the contrasting space required for one person to sleep against the excessive size of modern housing. At the end of the commision the sleeping bags were donated to charities for distribution to the homeless.